I am a deacon in the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church serving as a Minister of Youth and Education.  Often when I say that, I get a quizzal look.  Some people think I’m confused, and I’m really Baptist.  Others think that being a deacon is really a stepping stone to becoming an elder (aka “having your own church”).

The 1996 General Conference of the United Methodist church reordered its ministry and in the process created the new Order of Deacon.  Ever since then this young order has been faced with levels of confusion as some people could not quite grasp what this new order of clergy would do or be like. Clarifying and defining was and is necessary for deacons and the church as a whole.

I created this blog with the intention of communicating more clearly and regularly the role of the deacon in the United Methodist Church. Here you will be able to read about the role of the deacon, what a deacon can do, stories from deacons, and useful information for your local church.



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