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I started sharing about Charlie and his blog/website Wesley Bros last week. You may want to start there first. 

I was curious about Charlie’s process. When you read the comics, you will notice that he is able to include a lot of historical and theological details, while keeping the characters in a modern-day setting. I asked him where he gets his inspiration every week:

I usually jot down ideas when they come to me.  I do a lot more research into church history and John and Charles Wesley now that I do this comic.  I read Wesley’s sermons, I read histories of Methodism, Wesley’s journals, Charles’ hymns and the stories behind them.  If I can find irony or humor in what I read, I scribble out ideas and get started.

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Follow Friday: Wesley Bros.


When I was I kid I would always sit down to “read the newspaper,” like I was a little man. But what I was really doing was going straight to the comics section. I couldn’t wait to see what Charlie Brown or Garfield was up to. Who doesn’t like the comics?

And who doesn’t like John Wesley?

Okay, well, maybe not as much as we like comics. But my buddy Charlie Baber has found a way to make the Wesley Brothers something we can’t wait to catch up on. Charlie does a weekly comic strip called Wesley Bros. He takes the historical figures of John and Charles Wesley, the famed founding brothers of the Methodist movement, and puts them in modern situations.

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