Deacon Books on Sale

9780687090327.jpgThe General Board of Higher Education and Ministry has both of Margaret Ann Crain’s deacon books on sale.

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Both of these books are foundational to understanding the ministry of the deacon. A Deacon’s Heart helped shape my own call, and I have been handing out The United Methodist Deacon like candy to those who are expressing¬†a call.

These are great resources, not just for those exploring a call, but for those who wish to learn more about the United Methodist Deacon. They can be helpful for the laity to understand the ministry of the deacon. It may be helpful 71E92CakNuL._AC_UL320_SR208,320_.jpgfor an SPRC with a new deacon on the church staff to read through together.

The Virginia Diaconate read The United Methodist Deacon together a few years ago, and Margaret Ann came led us in a retreat.


Deacons as Road Signs

Deacons are like road signs. If they are not everywhere, they should be. Because where would we be without road signs? Incredibly lost and hopelessly without direction. Deacons, like road signs, provide direction. They let us know what is up ahead and help us anticipate our arrival. They help us understand what is involved in ministry or how far we will have to go. Deacons identify what resources are available to help us – like gas, food, and lodging. They even identify points of interest along the way. In short, deacons (and road signs) help us connect with a location or vision. We have come to trust road signs just as we can trust deacons to safely provide all that we will need to safely arrive at our opportunity for ministry. The sign’s only purpose is to help us. Likewise, deacons are servants whose only prayer is that all Christians everywhere can find their way to fulfillment through ministry in the name of Jesus Christ.

This is a quote from a local church educator in Margaret Ann Crain & Jack L. Seymour’s book A Deacon’s Heart: The New United Methodist Diaconate (2001, Abingdon Press).

Deacons, how are you road signs in your communities of faith?