Deaconess’ Call: Brenda Romenius

In 2015 I was collecting call stories from my friends who are serving in diaconal ministries expressed in the United Methodist Church through the provisional and ordained deacon, diaconal ministers, deaconesses, and home missioners.  In this post, you will hear from Brenda Romenius who is a commissioned deaconess currently serving as Director of Christian Education at St. John’s United Methodist in Springfield, Virginia.  Here are Brenda’s words: 

“The call” is as unique to each of us as we are unique from each other.  And yet, it is the same because it is a beckoning open to everyone that takes us into a place of service on behalf of God and Jesus Christ.

My “call” came at a United Methodist Women (UMW) Prayer and Self-Denial breakfast, where I heard a deaconess who served in prison ministry.   Through her testimony, I was thunderstruck with this compelling urge to serve other people for God.  Her story of service and social justice gave me the courage to think outside of my own life box with the realization that we all have a purpose in bringing God’s kingdom to earth.    That thought gnawed at me and would not let go.   Something that kept coming back to me was seeing the difficulties experienced by families of divorce, as they struggled with emotional, financial and social hurts.   Though re-married, I had been through a divorce several years ago, and I knew first hand the hardships and challenges for many families of divorce.


I retired from my corporate career and pursued becoming a deaconess.   That was seven years ago.  Since then, it has brought me a deeper commitment in my relationship to God, to help others see the love of Jesus Christ, and stretched my heart and energies in trying to serve hurting people in his name.    I serve families, married and single parents, and children in my church.  I advocate for social justice.  I try to live each day with Micah 6:8 as my guide – “What does the Lord require of me?  To do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.”


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